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LAUNCH OF CWSA 16DAYS 2017 OF ACTIVISM FOR NO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMAN AND CHILDREN. #CWSACountMeIn (#IProtectGirls – #Shine4OurChildren – #AllGirlsMatter – #StopThisCrime – #BeTheWarmth – #HaveTheConversation)

Stand up and stop the violence against women and children

At the launch in 2014, of the 16 Days of Activism for no Violence Against Women and Children campaign, President Jacob Zuma stated that activism against gender-based violence should be all year-long and not limited to 16 days. The objectives of the 16 Days campaign are to encourage individuals to be active participants in the fight to eradicate violence against women and children.


We have seen femicides, homophobic attacks and the frightening tales of cruelty against children as told in the media. We remember the case of a 15-year-old boy who took his life because his grandfather had an affair with his 14-year-old friend, school guards who sexually molest several children. In some cases, girls as young as eight years old are raped daily at school and at home.


The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children is an international awareness-raising campaign which takes place every year from November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to December 10, International Human Rights Day.


For the 2017 campaign, Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is calling on individuals to stand up and be counted among those that challenge the increasing rate of violence against women and children, paying particular attention to the protection of children.


“This is because for us to achieve success, we need individual and collective actions by everyone to safeguard the vulnerable in the society”, says Dr Benny Obayi Acting NED at CWSA.


The CWSA’s 2017 Campaign will be launched on 24 November 2017 with the theme #CWSACountMeIn.


Through the campaign, CWSA is encouraging individuals to make a commitment towards the protection of children by supporting the work of the frontline practitioners that are protecting children. By supporting CWSA to continue the work, individuals are giving their mandate to CWSA to represent them, where they cannot go.


CWSA has engaged celebrities that will champion the initiative. During this period, the celebrities will appeal to individuals through traditional and social media platforms, and encourage individuals to support any of the organisation’s projects.

These projects include:


The Girl Child Programme, an initiative that improves the welfare and the right of the girl child, especially with regards to health, nutrition, and education. The theme for the initiative for the period is #AllGirlsMatter and will be championed by Shamila Ramjawan.

The Boy Child Programme, which focuses on motivating and encouraging boys to be champions of change in their communities and become agents of positive impact. The theme for the initiative for the period is #IProtectGirls and former rugby legend Stefan Terblanche will lead it.


 Child Protection is meant to increase the prevention of child abuse and neglect by strengthening community systems for the effective identification and management of cases. The theme for the initiative for the period is #Shine4OurChildren, led by veteran actresses, Ms Natasha Sutherland & Ms Mary-Ann Barlow.


Preventing Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. The focus is to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children through strong, sustainable and effective multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral actions. The theme for the initiative for the period is #StopThisCrime led by Mr Khotso Rammopo & Ms Tumediso Lobelo will champion it.


Thokomala, which means to warm, provides a holistic solution to positively impact the lives of orphaned children so that they can occupy their rightful place in society. The theme for the initiative for the period is #BeTheWarmth and will be led by 14 year old author, Megan Werner.


HIV/AIDS Prevention. The focus is on ensuring coordinated action that facilitates community-based care and support to orphans and vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities. The theme for the initiative for the period is #HaveTheConversation  and it will be run by CWSA Western Cape & NACOSA


CWSA is hopeful that through this campaign, South Africans will join hands with CWSA to help make the future of children in South Africa beautiful.




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