Several reports and data show that South Africa is increasingly becoming an unsafe place for children to grow up.
This is due to the high levels of violent crimes against children in South Africa. As horrifying as this may seem, it is the shocking reality for children in South Africa.
A high number of children in South Africa suffer sexual abuse, exploitation, neglect and murder, while some are trafficked.
The shocking reality is that most of them are younger than 15 years. The word Bloom signifies something new.
A flourishing, healthy condition and a time or period of greatest beauty. For the entire Spring Season in South Africa, (September to November), Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is calling on South Africans to help change the way the society treats its children.
We hope that we will tell a different story about South Africa’s children in the future because of the decisions we make today on how we treat children.
The Bloom 4 Our children is a campaign that encourages South Africans to invest with luster and beauty in the protection of our children.
It starts with attitudinal change about how we relate with the issues of Children and goes on to make a commitment towards the protection of children.
We should see everything we do for children as an investment. From helping a sick child, keeping them away from harm, changing policies for their good, to giving to support the front line workers that are helping to keep children safe.

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