The “Dros Rapist” is safely behind bars, waiting to go on trial. This tragic incident took the media spotlight, but tragically, this is not an isolated incident. Thousands of these paedophiles get away with these types of horrific crimes every day.

Child Welfare South Africa’s mission is to protect children from all types of abuse. Although we cannot stop the predators, we can empower our children and protect them from harm. To ensure that children are protected from predators, CWSA has embarked on a campaign entitled #BlowTheWhistle.

Child Welfare South Africa intends to distribute whistles to children across the country, thus protecting them from harm. A whistle can act in two ways, one is that it can scare off the potential predators, and the other is to attract attention of those nearby the vicinity of where the child is being threatened.

Each whistle comes packaged with a lanyard which enables the whistle to be worn around the neck or wrapped around the arm, an instruction leaflet which explains to children why and when they should use the whistle and an information for parents. One whistle pack costs R25.00 and we are hoping to distribute at least 1250 whistles in the pilot phase of the project.

To donate, you can follow this link

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