Advocacy & Lobbying A key CWSA function is to contribute to processes that advocate for children’s rights and ensure that children are placed on government agendas and public platforms. To this end, CWSA:

  • Serves on a wide range of national and provincial task teams and work groups influencing policy development and legislation for children.
  • Addresses decision makers on significant issues and makes verbal and written submissions to government with respect to children.
  • Contributes extensively to the development of State guidelines and policy frameworks.
  • Positive outcomes of CWSA efforts related to advocacy, lobbying and policy development include:
  • CWSA contributions included in chapters of the new Children’s Act and Amendment Act with respect to – child protection, foster care, adoption, inter-country adoption, child trafficking, street children, child protection procedures and mandatory reporting.
  • CWSA expertise provide to the development of government’s Orphan and other Vulnerable Children Policy Framework.
  • Guidelines developed for Early Childhood Development as well as parenting programmes for parents with young children.
  • Submissions made towards a national strategic plan for families.
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