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Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) is the largest Child Protection, Non-profit Organisation in South Africa. Established in 1924, CWSA leads in the achievement of a safe and caring environment for all children in South Africa through initiatives in research/advocacy, capacity building and child protection services. Annually, CWSA reaches over 2million vulnerable and orphaned children, as well as their families. CWSA comprises of 164-Member Organisations in over 200 communities across the country. CWSA has a Head Office and Provincial Offices in the nine Provinces of South Africa


CWSA is the voice for the children in the country. CWSA relies on its strength as the largest Child Protection movement in South Africa, to challenge policies that impact negatively on children and lobby for change. Specifically:

  1. CWSA’s advocacy initiatives are tied to its research processes which identifies areas of concern to mobilise support to advocate and build the capacity on stakeholders on the care and protection of children. CWSA educates and creates awareness on the different forms of child abuse, including trafficking and exploitation of children. This is done at the national and provincial levels through CWSA’s structures.
  2. CWSA builds the capacity of organisations and professionals in its network on the care and protection of children. CWSA also supports social transformation by facilitating child protection organisations in rural and hard to reach communities to ensure equitable service delivery.
  3. CWSA leads in child protection initiatives by spearheading National Programmes that facilitate community based services for children. This is done through the mobilisation of communities for action.
    – CWSA’s flagship national programmes include the 4Our children coalition, Thokomala, Isolabantwana and Asibavikele projects:
    – These projects address the challenges of child abuse, neglect, child poverty, gender inequality, violent crimes against children, trafficking, sexual exploitation and challenges of orphanhood


The core objectives of CWSA are as follows:

• Protecting children in the country from all kinds of abuse and exploitation,
• Establishing networks and partnerships to ensure the safeguarding of all children,
• Being a credible, professional body for the protection of children,
• Providing support and guidance to its Member Organisations for quality services.


Every day, thousands of children are abused, sexually exploited, trafficked, abandoned and some go without food or shelter. CWSA fundraises to support its work and the projects with the aim to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children.


CWSA promotes, through its Web page and Social Media Platforms, the Companies that sponsor or make donations. Recognitions are given through CWSA’s weekly radio show that profiles CWSA’s works. The details of the Company are included in the Annual Reports and the Reports on the work of CWSA submitted to the Government Departments. In addition, CWSA provides a Section 18A certificate to Sponsors, Donors and Partner Corporates for South Africa tax deductions.

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