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Child Welfare South Africa is a National NGO established for the care and protection of all children. The mission of Child Welfare is to provide a secure environment for the overall well-being and safety of children by enhancing the capacity of families and the community to protect and nurture our children. The challenges of children living in homes with Domestic Violence has further increased vulnerability of children exposed to behavior that may be harmful to their healthy development and growth, CWSA acknowledges that holistic intervention is essential in seeking to address the abuse of children and the neglect of their needs. The negative impact on the child through family and violence in communities has a negative impact CWSA is willing to participate in collaborative efforts that will increase interventions for the overall -being and health of the children living in these difficult circumstances and we partner with the Department of Social Development for Child Protection Week and the 16 days of Activism for NO violence against Women and children as an international awareness raising campaign. CWSA believes that the protection of children is our core focus and is essential 365 days a year. We are offering a 2 day program accredited with the SA Council for Social and Associated Workers to create greater vigilance on the protection of the child during the trauma of violence in the home and in communities. The focus of the training is to equip persons working with families and communities with prevention skills, knowledge and practical intervention tools for an effective response to families experiencing domestic violence. Our ultimate aim is building and strengthening family bonds to become the primary caregivers thereby increasing the safety nets for the protection of children.

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