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The Life Story of Child Welfare South Africa

CWSA was officially constituted as a National Organisation in 1924. Child welfare societies in existence at the time recognised the need in for a national structure to co-ordinate their services, set standards, institute policy, provide them with support, and assist in meeting the national call for child welfare services in other areas of South Africa. Today the infrastructure of CWSA consist of a National coordinating body with Provincial offices in all 9 Provinces, 164 member organisations and outreach projects in un-serviced and under-serviced rural communities. CWSA consist collectively of  2 400 staff members and 6 700 volunteers. As a collective in the service of children, CWSA is the largest non-profit, non-governmental and volunteer driven organisation in the country.  CWSA provide child protection services, child and family care and community development services. As a group, the organisation meets the needs of more than two million children, families and caregivers.

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