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  • The Asibavikele: Let’s Protect Them is a nationally coordinated and driven programme that facilitates community based care and support to children orphaned and made vulnerable due to HIV and AIDS in disadvantaged communities through the structures of CWSA. The programme involves and relies on communities in the identification of OVC and establishment of foster care and safe homes. Asibavikele has been established in 9 provinces at 82 sites to date.
  • In 1993 CWSA responded to the threat of HIV and AIDS by developing a set of guidelines for its member organisations and launched its National Programme HIV and AIDS and the Care of Children.
  • In 2001 Asibavikele was then developed in support of the government’s HIV and AIDS and STD Strategic Plan for South Africa 2000 -2005 whose approach was to develop home/community based care in comprehensive and compassionate care for OVC in assuring that they grow up to be healthy, educated and socially well-adjusted adults.
  • The Asibavikele programme was established to enable the facilitation and strengthening of community based structures for the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children affected or infected by HIV and AIDS in under/un-serviced communities through the infrastructure of CWSA and its members. The programme was also developed to sensitise and educate communities on the impact of HIV and AIDS on the rights of children. Most importantly the programme was developed to focus on early identification of vulnerable children through the services of trained community volunteers to identify OVC, determine their needs and facilitate appropriate community care options where necessary.
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